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Wallaceburg News Weekender - Bertucci has been announced for almost a decade. His original band Abraham's Children who had three albums released but shortly after the third album in 1975 the band dismembered. Since then he has been traveling around, continuing to write and produce until last year when he returned to Toronto to sign with A&M. His debut album features some good Canadian artists; bassist Prakash John, guitarists BB Gabor and Peter Follett, and keyboardist Jody Colero. Best cuts - Shake, Touch Me, Strange Feeling, Unit No.1980. Jimi B is on his way be sure to get a listen to the new sounds and new songs of Jimi B. Kathie Evenson 

By Dirk Kiy Jimi B Jimi B Fist Fleet Street Furnished by A&M Records - Although Canadian bands don't nearly get the amount of push and air time that American and British rock bands do, There are some very impressive homegrown bands going. Such in the case with the new Jimi B album. Unfortunately with the good, there is quite often, the not so good, and the Fist album falls under that category. Let's start with the better album. Jimi Bertucci was raised in "Little Italy" in Toronto and has had some success back in the seventies with a band that some of you may remember, called Abraham's Children, who's :Goddess of Nature received some airplay. Jimi B has now come back with a dynamite debut solo album which he wrote, produced and does all the singing on. This is a Canadian album all the way, being recorded in Toronto, and using some fine Canadian musicians, such as bass player Prakash John (best known for his work with Alice Cooper) and the fast rising BB Gabor. The album has a multitude of different sounds, but side one is all new wave, from the very strange start of "Red White and Blue," with its hints of Peter Gabriel to the Cars - like "O Dee" which closes the side.The other two cuts on the opening side are not as strong as the two mentioned, but they are definitely - different.The lyrics are sharp and witty from " she knows what to say she knows what to do, she's sticking to me like crazy glue" to "O Dee's" sex change subject matter. Side two is more standard in musical terms, but it is super not a weak cut on it. "All American Boy" is a great cut complete with a real nice guitar break and background singing."Strange Feeling" is slow, very pretty number, that is perfect AM material, not meaning it's poppy, just a great song. A vocoder serves as the voice of "Unit 1980" a robot "motivated by the future". This is sneakingly. reminiscent of Nick Gilder. 
Producer/actor/screenwriter, Victor Altomare, has come up with a dark comedy that surpasses the ideology of the human ego, so I'm told. I'm planning to view this controversial celluloid named The Great Chameleon in November so I will refrain from commenting any further for now, although I have heard that Stacy Keach and my friend Robert Davi do a fine job. The Great Chameleon opened in Toronto on June 14th 2013.and will premiere in Hollywood on Nov. 6th to 13th. (google photo)

Variations on Gould Toronto - CBC Radio "I have an extra ticket and you have to come!!!" My mind was racing like a Guinea pig in an annoying spinner. Everything I ever thought about the CBC would soon become clearer to me. We arrived at the Glen Gould Studio, in the heart of Toronto . A fair portion of this lustrous real-estate is dedicated to a man, a musician, a genius, that played piano. I can hear them all in unison, PLAYED PIANO. And while the kind folks of the great white north continue to invest their tax dollars in support of the arts programs in Canada , the CBC was looking pretty good. The reception for this monumental celebration convinced me that class still finds its way around town. Had it not been for that annoying buzzer that begins way too soon like a last call for snooting....this would have been a perfect cultural evening, well at least for me. I forgot to mention that this Mardi gras was a ten-day affair. I was thrust into the pits of fortune for but one of these tux and running shoes eventful evenings. When Andre LaPlante hit the stage, I can honestly say I did not have a clue who this gentleman was....he appeared to look like a classical pianist and I expected just that. Before I tell you how awesome this artist was, let me explain the importance of this gala. Glen is a Canadian icon, ...(read more Gould). 
OH YEAH and VERY ENTICING!!!!! (I'm serious now I want to hear all of the CD's) You have me going mad for your music. Kristi - Utah

Enrico Colantoni and Jimi getting goofy...or is that dorky.

 Jimi in his dressing room...ah dressing

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 JIMI BERTUCCI is best known as the founding member and principal singer-songwriter for the ‘70s hit-making band ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN. Born Vincenzo Donato Bertucci in Serra San Bruno, Calabria Italy, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the young age of six. Jimi lived in a large household of relatives in Toronto's "little Italy”, including his Uncle Sam who could play a variety of instruments including the accordion and mandolin. Over time, Uncle Sam's musical influence over the young Vincenzo would become profound. After being the lucky winner of tickets from "Sam the Record Man", Jimi went to see the Beatles perform Live at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto at the impressionable age of 13. It was following that monumental experience that he became inspired to envision his life as a musician. The surprise gift of a Hofner Beatle bass by his parents sealed his fate. He soon met another local musician Ron Bartley and together they would form their first group called "Just Us." They later added Bob McPherson and Brian Cotterill to the group and, following a number of name changes, the hit-making band "Abraham's Children" was born. As the band’s principal songwriter, Jimi penned their first national hit song called "Goodbye Farewell" while signed to Gas Records. Other hits followed including Gypsy, Thank You and Goddess Of Nature. The band toured heavily and extensively to large enthusiastic crowds. Wanting to explore other avenues with his music Jimi embarked in a different direction in 1976 leaving The Children behind. Quick to recognize his talent, United Artists Records wasted no time in signing Jimi. Finally, having the creative freedom he had craved, he produced a pop-influenced band called "Space Patrol" and later "Angel", a band more on the R&B side. While on the A&M label in the 80’s, Jimi formed the band "The Police" which gained an enthusiastic following but who, due to disputes with the label, soon split. With his newly formed band Jimi B in the 90's, he decided it was time to get back on the road and did just that, appearing at some of the more popular places in Hollywood such as The Roxy, The Whisky, Club 369, The Vipor Room, Rumps and others. He continued to tour and record all over the USA. As a prolific songwriter and solo artist he released Through The Eyes of Vincenzo, along with numerous other singles. Most recently, he has released some of his poetry writings which are being critically well-received. In 2004, after many requests from fans who wanted to see him in Canada, Jimi reformed "Abraham's Children" and toured the great white north. Although he was the only original member of the band they played all the hits and satisfied a crowd that for so long were anxious to see Jimi and The Children perform. In 2005 the band was back on the road again promoting Jimi's most recent project, a new double cd set titled "Abraham's Children 30", that captures the last thirty years of pop music with his band.This year Jimi released a collection of poetry that has been well received in the literary world. Also in the works is his involvement as writer and producer with his daughter Julie. They have been in the studio doing some pre- production and hope to release a cd in the near future. His plans remain to be committed to his art, including touring and recording, and doing what he does best, exploring music to its fullest, writing, cooking, surfing and snowboarding. (courtesy of  Drop Jimi a line...

THE NATURAL Have you ever felt a rush of silent energy that moves your inner soul? At seven in the morning, with eyes wide shut, I flopped myself onto the black leather couch against the mixing console that had probably seen a lot of rock n roll. Recording studios were designed to be dark for many reasons. The usual suspects shuffled in, all dressed in tasteful seventies garb, ready to lay down some tracks that would eventually become classic hits. The flower powering era was mostly a continuation of the sixties, with some new flavors du jour. I was introduced to this petite, angelic looking, young woman with soft blonde hair and a slight sexy overbite. Her manners were polished and her professional attitude was clear as I handed her the music and lyrics sheet.

Years have slowly written the tales of hardship and triumphs on the many faces that have had a hunger for success in the arts. Beverly D’Angelo has been a visible and important spoke in the wheels of entertainment. From her humble beginnings as a singer in local bands and studio sessions, she maintained a true sense of artistic integrity. Her voice was fresh while at the same time mature, unintimidated by the mechanics of the room or record company suits that constantly got their cheap thrills by hanging about. My eyes and ears felt her desire to satisfy my musical needs as she complimented the previously recorded lead vocals. You can’t help but be excited when you recognize true talent. I asked Beverly if she was available for the next few days to finish the backing vocals. Her warm smile and friendly nod expressed her deep appreciation. She was a 'natural' as they say. I followed her career from “Every Which Way But Loose” with Clint Eastwood, another one of my favorites, to the more recent series “Entourage.” I was blown away by her performance and vocal contributions as “Patsy Cline” in the acclaimed A Coal Miners Daughter. It was and still is classic singing. Her acting accomplishments are endless. Now, her biggest role is that of mom to her twins with Al Pacino. One can’t help but feel a connection even if it’s only a tiny one. BUBBLEGUM HERO Photos by Mike Bellissimo
TORONTO, CANADA JIMI RECEIVES CERTOSA AWARD - Jimi was recently presented with the Certosa Award for his exceptional contribution to the Arts by the Serra San Bruno Association, an association representing his home town in Italy. The black-tie event saw 700 turn out to the lavish awards dinner which took place on October 23rd at the Renaissance Parque in Toronto.An esteemed group of individuals traveled directly from Italy to be in attendance. Included were Raffaele Lojacono, the Mayor of Serra San Bruno, Dr. Cesare Pelaia, Vice President of the Montana community of the Serre along with municipal and provincial councilors, Bruno Censore, Councilor for the Calabria Region, and Dr. Domenico Dominelli, Councilor for the Province of Vibo Valentia. Also present at the awards ceremony were Tony Ianno, Member of Parliament of Canada, Mario Sergio, Ontario Member of Parliament, Judge Salvatore Merenda, Manlio D'Ambrosio, ex-president of the National Congress of Italo-Canadians, Basilio Policaro, Advisor for Calabria, Antonio Nicaso, president of the Federation of Calabresi in Ontario, Mimmo Sisca, president of the Confederation of the Cosentine Associations, and Father Gianni Carparelli, founder of the Caritas Centre for drug abuse and dependency. Jimi was one of four honored that night. The other three also receiving awards were MP Joseph Cordino - Minister Of Development of Canada; Dr. Domenic Barillari - Chief Scientist, Guelph University; and Michael Simonetta - CEO 1st Asset Financial. Adding to the excitement of the evening, Jimi treated the audience to a short performance. He sang his hit song "Bye Bye Bambina Occhi blu", the Italian translated version of "Goodbye Farewell" and "Sempre", a new love song with both Italian and English lyrics.Congrats Jimi!!! 
TALK OF THE TOWN - CONFIDENTIAL BY LOLA And since my editors threatened to pull my Jimi B review if I mentioned his overwhelming physical characteristics, I can tell you in my column that he is a prime candidate for next years Sexy Awards. (groan) I'm not supposed to print the fact that he is having a long distance affair with a famous NYC model, you see it's all hush hush because her boyfriend might get a trifle upset to hear about Jimi (especially from me). 
The 90's in LOS ANGELES - were a new adventure for Jimi. After almost ten years of living in California and not performing, his decision to play live was a revelation as he puts it. Although he helped music companion Robert Slap on a collection of new age cds for the VOTS record label, his hunger to get active in rock was beginning to erupt. In 1993 he would put together once again a line-up of well seasoned musicians that would simply be know as JIMI B. Rehearsing in a 13,000 square foot mansion high up on a hill in Orange County, Jimi and his band would spend hours preparing to rock the clubs and concert halls.The first gig would be at the famous Galaxy Theatre with no other than The Rankin Family, a Celtic band from Canada that was well known internationally. While backstage, John Rankin approached Jimi and told him that one of the very first concerts he attended, was with his band Abraham's Children in Nova Scotia Canada. The reception was incredible as they hit the stage. Jimi would ask "do we have any Canadians here, EH" the crowd roared with enthusiasm. The next few years would see JIMI B playing some of the hottest venues in Los Angeles and Hollywood. His name was beginning to cause attention and interest by some of the bigger promoters and record labels. When his friend Kelvin passed away he would once again take a break In 2001 he reunited with his old AC bandmates Ronnie, Brian and Bob in Toronto, Canada at George Semkiw's Amber Studios to record some new tracks that would eventually end up on the 30 CD.
FERGUS - Hey gang rev up your engines it's that famous radio mouth giving you thumbs up on a great concert coming up with Abraham's Children. Yes let me introduce to you Ray Michael of Chalk Hamilton doing a live feed from the show. The Children gave an interview and an hour set of hits and some super pop songs. The RemFest as it is called, attracts thousands of hot rod enthuisist and just plain classic beauties. The day was very hot and The Children were even hotter. Pictured are Will, Jimi and Rockin Ray. BUBBLEGUM HERO (Photo by M.Lang)   

As a young boy in the new world, my dreams were heightened by endless possibilities. Growing up on Grace Street, the melting pot of a pulsing environment made me street smart, with a passion to explore the newness of my surroundings. My hood had it all, musicians, athletes, politicians, actors, novelists …this eclectic gathering of determined ethnic opportunists would eventually roar to recognition. Our struggles were those typical of newcomers to a culture that was complacent in many ways. My roots and traditions of human nature can be attributed to a community that made me feel secure and safe. The Italian Walk Of Fame will be a reminder of all those that dream and never stop dreaming. 
The Killing Road - WE had a philosophy on the road: You can spend the night, but don't use my toothbrush in the morning. How preposterously arrogant. But as much as some don't like to admit, rock n roll is a cavalier art. From the first day I picked up a guitar, I felt my confidence was enhanced drastically, and in the process the recognition of my talents exuded. I remember the first gig I performed at was a dance at a boys and girls club. After we finished our set, I was swarmed by pretty girls wanting my sole attention. That was the beginning. My instrument became my addiction. Endless hours were spent honing my craft, in the basement of my parents' home. I would sometimes feign illness so that I could stay home from school to play my guitar. My feelings of proliferation were a constant battle, I needed to exercise my brain, now more than ever, and it was this...(more) 

Brian and Jimi having a brew in some airport. Following this fictional entourage of stardom has lead me to believe, fiction plays very little in this spoonful of rock syrup.The Killing Road written by Jimi, is a great read. The more I peruse the site the more I amaze myself..not because of the important information I discover...but the wealth of creative subject lines that intrigue my stubborn senses. My tolerence for mechanical stimulation is strangled by the very reason I don't go to movie theaters. Age has a way of enhancing the moments of truth. 
Brampton Ontario - Ah sugar sugar na na na na na na ah honey's bubblegum heroes Jimi Bertucci and Andy Kim. The two met up at the Ontario Provincial Police 100th anniversary bash in Brampton, Ontario. The Black and White sold-out gala was a who's who of Ontario politics and the jewel rattling crowd. With 1600 in attendance the place was rockin'. O.P.P.Commissioner Julian Fantino and about 50 of his loyal officers added color and entertainment to the exciting evening. Andy performed all his hits, filling the room with nostalgic sediments and at times a sing along. Now I would have to say that Andy takes the prize as bubblegum king..I mean, let's face it, Sugar Sugar, was one of his biggest hits. Originally written for the Archies, it was Mr. Kim who not only sang lead on it but managed to sell a few million copies to boot. He even included one of my own favorites, Rock Me Gently - Photo by Georgie Onuska BUBBLEGUM HERO
Now Magazine - Jimi B's Schizo JIMI B (A&M) Rating: NN Toronto's Jimi B. might have only one name but he's got two musical personalities, on this his first A&M record. Side one is a painful collection of music which Jimi and his buddies B.B. Gabor and others sound like Cars-clones (and the Cars don't even do good Cars these days). The first side is full of annoying . vocal gimmicks and non melodic songs reminiscent of bad B.B. Gabor. Gabor doesn't do Jimi any favors by bringing along a tedious song Shake from his latest album. Toronto's hottest bassist, Prakash John provides the only interesting moments here. On side two Jimi does a complete turnaround and moves from doing used Cars to classic Canuck-pop-rock in the Prism, Saga, Loverboy mode. Lots of soaring vocals and "uplifting guitar breaks". While not my cup of tea, it's pleasant stuff and All American Boy should be the first single from the album. There's some nice flashy guitar work, Jimi stops messing around with his vocals and lets his pleasant voice shine through. Michael Hollett


Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been providing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project. Or call us in Toronto 416 941-9905

March 31 2001

Bullseye Records, also in Toronto has a more 1970s focus having reissued local hard rockers Brutus and the entire seven album catalog of the notorious "70s band Goddo, who's leader, Greg Godovitz, recently published his salacious and often hilarious memoirs, "Travels With My Amp" (Abbeyfield Publishers). This month, Bullseye plans to make available albums by 70s rockers Abraham's Children and such '70s new-wave acts as the Kings and the Diodes.


Just had a chance to listen to some of your songs, actually all of them WOW they were great. You don't often get songs of this caliber on the web, I'm very impressed. Rudy - Brazil 

ELTON JOHN SAVES THE DAY - It was a cold day. I really don't remember what day it was, only that the night before was filled with all the things that make up rock n' roll and my head...(more)  (google photo)

I listen to your music and found it very  well recorded and produced. What label are you signed to. I'm sure you must tour lots. Paolo Souza Argentina  

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The Standard JIMI B - Jimi B is actually Jimi Bertucci, the active ingredient behind the defunct Abraham's Children, a band that spent many an evening dodging fists at the illustrious downtown Montebello Inn and Casualty Centre. Jimi's still pretty face tells me he's held up his guard with some determination over the years. This album is a reminder that Toronto has plenty more good music to offer.
Los Angeles Times - The opening act local rocker Jimi B. was as obtuse and impenetrable as the Rankins' set was direct and accessible. A long time Toronto resident who said he has been living in Orange County for about 10 years, Jimi B. (Bertucci) led his four cohorts through a handful of meandering original songs that included traces of 70s' rock a la Steely Dan or Todd Rundgren with neither the sophisticated chops of the former nor the pop catchiness of the latter.  (Boo Hoo)

Artist- Jimi B Album: Jimi B Label: A&M SP9069 Leave it to Toronto to produce another fresh breeze in what has lately become a progressively stale North American scene. Jimi B is an artist and album that flaunts very periodic flashes of imagination in writing and performance. In fact, Jimi B. could quite possibly be the most exportable Canadian musical talent this year, unless something dramatic surfaces. With the assistance of well known Toronto performers, BB Gabor and Prakash John, the album becomes a veritable catapult of influence and style. The moments of excitement out number the more mainstream two to one. If the Cars hadn't lost direction and interest and was still producing albums as progressive and interesting as its first, it would probably not sound unlike Jimi B. The big difference here is that Jimi B hasn't yet sacrificed inventiveness for strict formula. News Advertiser 
My pleasure, they are a great Canadian act that deserves more recognition. Eric Ausman. visit Eric on Facebook and chat about AC

Blogger: I am not an unhappy person. I do not see life through demonic eyes. I feel we need to recognize our faults as human beings and accept them if we wish to continue being able to live. On my coffee table I have three books:
"Dhammapada, The Way of Truth" essential wisdom of the Buddha
"The Wisdom of Insecurity" Alan W. Wattsand " Aesop's Fables" There is enough in these books for anyone to live a happy and productive life without hating, killing, waging war or destroying the planet...(order the book)
"Shake" is a CLASSIC, JImi... An absolute classic!! Will - Toronto Canada 
80's...(cont'd from history page) Records. This was not the first time that A&M had been lurking from the sidelines as the boys rocked the venue. Strawberry decided they would meet with the label and discuss what they were ready to offer the band. It all sounded good, but for one small detail. They wanted the group to change its name. The band was shocked and couldn't understand why they would want them to change the name. It was a great name, inviting all kinds of marketing ideas, not to mention that they already had a big following. The band decided not to change its name. Within a couple of weeks after that meeting A&M announced that they had signed a band in England called The Police who had just released its first single called Roxanne. Jimi and the rest of the group were furious and expected that A&M had known all along. The band decided to take a break, during which time they would think about a new name. It never happened. The guys would all go their separate ways. Ironically, Jimi would end up signing as a solo artist with A&M Records and release his self-titled album Jimi B. and that's another story in itself.  

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